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Stress Tests for Ascó, Vandellós and Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plants


Following the accident at Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, the Council of the European Union expressed the need to expeditiously perform a comprehensive and transparent assessment of the safety of all nuclear power plants in the European Union. These assessments have been given the name “Stress Tests”.

As a part of stress test assessment, IDOM has addressed the likelihood and possible effects of earthquakes, rainfalls, extreme temperatures and floods at Asco and Vandellos II Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). IDOM has made different technical assessments of the same external events in the other Spanish nuclear plants. IDOM performed the seismic evaluation within this context at Cofrentes NPP.

These works have been developed within the framework of the requirements established by the CSN (Spanish Nuclear Safety Council). As a continuation of the works addressing the existing seismic capacity and flooding risks at Asco and Vandellos II NPPs, IDOM has performed the detailed engineering in order to reinforce their safety systems.

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Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV)
Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (IBERINCO)

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