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Study of the technical functionality, economics and design of the construction project of the Hospital of Chinandega


The Chinandega Hospital is located within an area of 55.078 m² in the municipal of El Realejo, department of Chinandega, Nicaragua. IDOM was hired in order to prepare the draft, basic and detailed project design as well as to conduct a diversity of specialised studies such as shielding analyses and calculations in the department of radiology. The use of the shielding, in rooms with x-ray scanning equipment aims to protect the personnel, public or any one subjected to unwanted exposure and stay within the allowable radiation dosage limit.

The Chinandega Hospital has 300 beds and 5 large buildings that contain various medical areas: clinic supporting building, emergency building, main hospital area, technical building, general services and technical enclosures building, all, in a constructed area of approximately 37,000 m².

IDOM was hired to establish the Market Study, Health Diagnostics and the Functioning Medical Plan, as well as the Architectural Programme, Ground Investigation, a project draft and subsequent Architecture, Structure and Facilities Design, Project Equipment, Hospital Organisation Plan, Quality Plan and Final Report.

The objectives and scope of the project were carried out by IDOM Nuclear Services through analysis and the definition of the shielding’s thickness in the facilities of the radiology department. The calculations were carried out using a conservative approach (most vulnerable equipment, minimum distances, etc.) and a thickness for every material type was established, to be applied on the boundary walls of the rooms subjected to the radiology department. Likewise, the thickness of the ceilings connection was tested and established in order to allow for the dose constraints for unexposed workers to be met.

Other Nuclear Applications

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