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Technical assistance to the Government of India


IDOM provides Technical Assistance services to government administrations and agencies in the field of clean and renewable energy, specifically in the area of photovoltaic installations. The services provided in two projects in India are described below.

Technical assistance to the Government of Indiafor the implementation and management of solar mega-parks, 500 – 1,000 MWp

The work developed by IDOM in consortium with IBF and NIXUS (OCA Global) is part of the “Clean Energy Cooperation with India (CECI)” Project, which aims to improve the country’s ability to deploy low carbon energy production and improve its energy efficiency.

The specific objective of the work assigned to the consortium is the provision of Technical Assistance and Consulting Services to the main beneficiaries, MNRE and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), for the implementation and effective management of the pre-identified solar mega-parks (with a maximum installed power of 500 to 1,000 MW), taking as reference the best EU practices appropriate to local conditions. Specifically, IDOM has contributed 2 key experts to the Project:

  • Expert in Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar plants, responsible for Activity II: Standard operational procedure. Manual of operation and maintenance of solar parks.
  • Expert in renewable energy monitoring systems, responsible for Activity IV: Centralized monitoring system for solar park management with the support of computer tools.

Technical assistance to the Government of India in the field of clean and renewable energy

The object of technical assistance to the Ministry of Renewable Energies and New Energies (MNRE) of India has been the development of new tools in the field of clean energy (single administration portals, mobile applications, aggregation of off-site projects). grid, …) especially in the field of Rooftop PV.

The services provided by IDOM include the development of ad-hoc training for the MNRE and several States (Delhi, Goa, Punjab, West Bengal), as well as training based on seminars, conferences, workshops and study tours.


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