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Technology Park in Senegal


Within the framework of the Senegal Emergent Plan (Plan Sénégal Émergent-PSE), the Ministry of Communications of Senegal has adopted a policy to stimulate the development of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector. The national ICT strategy aims to promote the creation of an attractive space for investment, as well as access to ICTs for the society in general. With this in mind, the Government is promoting the construction of the Digital City project, an urban hub in which digital services are the main driving force for economic growth. This new hub, 35 km from Dakar and close to the new international airport (AIDB), aims to place the digital economy at the heart of the new administrative and business city of Diamniadio.

The total investment is 70 million euros, of which 61 million is financed by the African Development Bank and 9 million from the Government of Senegal. The objective is to create a digital platform in an area of 25 Ha in the Diamniadio economic zone, with ICT office spaces for the public and private sector, including international companies. The first phase includes the design and construction of 33,000 m2 of offices, incubators, teaching and research centres and a Tier III data centre integrated into the area.

IDOM has been contracted to develop the Master Plan of the digital park, the Basic and Detailed Architecture and Engineering, as well as provide technical assistance on site during the construction phase.

The project of this new technology park will be developed based on a methodology of sustainable building, in which the consumption of energy and water, comfort, materials and labor is based on a detailed study and understanding of the conditions of the location.

Within the water management infrastructures, the phytodepuration system of the wastewater of the park buildings stands out.

This is a facility for the treatment of wastewater by means of the implantation of an artificial wetland with floating macrophytes, recreating the workings of wetlands in nature. An aquatic environment is recreated by rafts with floating plants where wastewater is poured after a pre-treatment process. The plants carry out physical and chemical processes that progressively purify the water, allowing it to be reused for irrigation.

This solution replaces a traditional wastewater treatment plant, reducing maintenance costs, as well as substantial energy expenditure. In addition, environmental integration is achieved, guaranteeing the safety of the existing environment.

The project is currently under construction. This first phase is expected to finish in December 2022.

Architecture : Building Physics : Corporate : Design : Mixed Use : Water

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An urban hub in which digital services are the main driving force for economic growth

Ministere des Postes et des Telecommunications (Senegal). Unité de Gestion du PTN

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Federico Pardos ( fpardos@idom.com )
Javier Pérez Uribarri ( jpu@idom.com )

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