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The Landscaping and Urban Design team covers all scales of urban planning and building, from the territory and sustainable habitat to the design of urban furniture, through new cities and large-scale complexes, urban integration of infrastructure, parks and public spaces, landscaped roofs and green facades integrated into the building. With the aim of achieving maximum energy savings, we develop projects based on a bioclimatic architecture. Our focus is to carry out quality projects, viable in time and term, that add value to our clients and improve the environment and quality of life of users.

The Gare Park

The Gare Park, created in the 80s, is located next to an old railway station. The derelict state it was in and the...

India International Convention & Expo Centre

The commission for the India International Convention & Expo Centre in Dwarka (IICC Dwarka) is the result of the international competition organised by...


India International Convention & Expo Centre


Prize. World Design Awards 2022. Category: Mixed Use Concept

Shortlisted. WAF Awards 2022. Category: Future Projects – Commercial Mixed Use


Showcasing our work in decarbonizing

March 27, 2023

Showcasing our work in decarbonizing

On March 21, the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted the launch of the CAETS Energy Report 2022. The event was attended, on behalf of IDOM,...