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Tram Constantine


Constantine is the third largest city in Algeria and is located in a privileged enclave protected by deep ravines. The city has a rich historical and cultural heritage which includes its many bridges.

The projects combine respect for the historical tradition of Constantine with a commitment to modernization, a perfect example of the investment effort being made by Algeria to update the country as a whole.

This is the first tram system in the region and will connect almost one million persons, contributing to the transformation of the historic city of Constantine into an international cultural destination.

A project that combines tradition and modernity

The introduction of the tram system will reinforce the public transport system renovating both the urban configuration and the way in which people move, with the aim of connecting the Wilaya complex (Constantine, Zouaghi, Ali-Mendjeli and El Khroub) with a million inhabitants and contribute to the transformation of the historical city of Constantine, with its privileged natural location, its bridges and its heritage, into an international cultural reference.

The extension of line 1 of the Constantine tram is a structuring project for the Wilaya complex of Constantine. IDOM has been involved with the project write-up and the construction stage technical coordination of two stretches of double tramway. The first (9.7 km and 11 stops) departs from the multimodal station of Zouaghi and connects the city of Constantine with the new urban development of Ali-Mendjeli, which has a population of 200,000 and two universities. The second stretch (2.8 km and 4 stops) links the Zouaghi station with the old and new terminals of the airport of Constantine.

The commission includes all the disciplines involved in tramway projects: civil works and platform, urbanization, tracks, electrification, signalling and associated systems. The spirit of the project also includes the foresight for future extensions and the different possible exploitation schemes in its development in stages.

A boulevard and urban park are planned on the Ali-Mendjeli esplanade to enhance daily activity and become an area for recreation, achieving high landscape appeal. It will be a great urban park for citizens to enjoy and a green lung in a lineal axis almost a kilometer long.

The project involves resolving the sloping 50 meter-wide boulevard, by designing wave-shaped platforms that are retained by white stone walls. Each of these platforms seeks to appeal to a function for the recreation of the citizens: infants playing area, sports, tram arrival square, fountains area, sitting areas, landscaped gardens, etc.

In the image: Alejandro Cortés, Jorge Bernabéu and Inés Monclús.

Urban Light Transport

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