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Regio Tram in Bogota


The suburban rail line of Sabana (Regio Tram) is a mass transport system for the city of Bogota which connects the neighbouring municipalities.

This tram-train system uses a light electric vehicle with dual functionality. In intercity sections, the train acts as a suburban train reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h, while in the city, it functions as a tram, achieving perfect urban integration and excellent travel times as modal interchanges are avoided.

A versatile tram train to meet needs of the city and nearby municipalities

With Regio Tram, urban mobility will be improved in the region, through two new double track lines, connecting the centre of Bogota, at the old Sabana Train station, to the surrounding municipalities.

The Western Corridor line will run along the route of the old Tren de la Sabana. From the Sabana station, the line will run 40 km to the town of Fontibón, the municipalities of Funza, Mosquera, Madrid, Roebuck and finish in Facatativá. This line will also incorporate a connection from the station Fontibón to the International Airport of El Dorado. The other proposal, the South Corridor line also starts from the Station de la Sabana, reaching the municipality of Soacha.

At 18 km long, the alignment largely follows the former Southern Railway track. Both Corridors will have a fleet of approximately 50 trains running at a frequency of 4 and 5 minutes at peak time, serving 160 million passengers a year.

In urban sections, the stations will be every 500 meters, while on the intercity sections, the distance between stations will be around 5 km. These stations have a high security system with automatic platform doors synchronized with the arrival of trains.

All will be controlled from a central command post, which will also include parking and depots for maintenance.

This means of transport will allow a reduction of 180,000 tons per year in carbon dioxide emissions, helping to improve the energy efficiency of public transport.


Urban Light Transport

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