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Unsaturated polyester resin production plant


Cray Valley, a company belonging to the multinational energy company Total and a leading producer of resins, has decided to expand the production capacity of its plant in Miranda de Ebro, Spain, by installing a new production line.

The project includes the construction of a new production building consisting of ground floor + 6 floors above ground level, the expansion of the storage park (remodeling 4 existing tanks and building 2 new tanks and 3 pumping stations, as well as a new double bay for tank truck loading and a holding tank), and the expansion and adaptation of the plant’s auxiliary facilities (cooling water, 3Mfrig/h; thermal oil, 3Mkcal/h, high and low voltage electricity, 1,000 kVA; new distributed control system, including the integration and migration of the existing one for the rest of the lines; adaptation of the existing compressed air, nitrogen and steam networks for the integration of the new production line with the rest).

IDOM has carried out the basic process engineering, complete detailed engineering, procurement and construction management, permit processing and work supervision.


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