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New depropanizer column C-50101 – Tarragona Refinery


For more than a decade, IDOM has been a strategic Partner of REPSOL, participating with them under the methodology of Framework Contracts and / or Specific Contracts, providing engineering support for the main operation and maintenance improvement projects of several of their refineries. Usually 80-120 projects are being worked on simultaneously, with each one in various stages of maturity. In the case of the existing depropanizer column at the Tarragona refinery, REPSOL decided to install a new column alongside it, which will come into operation in 2022, and will function as the main equipment, improving performance. The existing column will be kept on stand-by.

In summary, the scope of IDOM’s services includes the following activities:

  • Approval and expansion of basic engineering.
  • Preparation of the FEL budget.
  • Detailed engineering.
  • Technical assistance during the procurement phase.
  • Technical assistance during construction.

During the design phase, IDOM, in tune with REPSOL, has opted for 3D modeling of the column together with the rest of its equipment and production lines. An augmented reality test has also been carried out, showing the implanted model virtually in its exact location. In addition to visualizing the column implanted in three dimensions on the existing equipment, in future projects this tool developed will allow aspects to be reviewed such as constructability, operation or maintenance in situ. For example, it can be used in conducting a maneuvering study, basic and detailed studies of disassembly, definition of intervention areas, compilation of associated documentation, marking of tie-ins to be cut, definition of line isolation, etc.

Once again, this project is a demonstration REPSOL’s trust in IDOM, promoting the technological development of the energy infrastructure and the Tarragona refinery.

For more information, see the interactive 3D modeling video of this project.


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Detailed Engineering
FEL Study
Technical Assistance during the Construction Phase
Technical Assistance during the Procurement Phase

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