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The petrochemical industry has become the cornerstone of many crucial products and processes in the modern world. From plastics and packaging to textiles, petrochemicals are an essential part of many of its manufacturing processes.

IDOM has been at the forefront of the constant change and evolution that the industry is undergoing and now has vast experience in all types of projects and processes, making us a partner of reference for more and more companies in the sector.

Martín Guardiola
+ 34 94 479 76 00

UPR resin plant for Polynt Composites

After collaborating with Polynt Composites several times in the past in plants under their ownership, they have yet again called on IDOM for...

Unsaturated polyester resin production plant

Cray Valley, a company belonging to the multinational energy company Total and a leading producer of resins, has decided to expand the production...

Petrochemical projects for Braskem

IDOM has provided Engineering services to Braskem within a framework service agreement, to carry out different projects in Brazil, among which are: New...