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Vigo Hospital


The Vigo Hospital, by Valode and Pistre-Luis Vida and Associates, focused on the blending in of the building with its natural surroundings, terracing the volumes and adapting them to the slope on which it rests. The six hospitalization towers stand out above the green roofs, which cover the outpatients area, with a geometrical design that opens up to the landscape.

The hospital has 1,324 beds and 150 consultation rooms

IDOM has developed the facilities of this 170,000 m2 hospital, complemented by 130,000 m2 of covered parking beneath it. The hospital building houses 1,324 beds, 150 consulting rooms, 62 diagnostic imaging rooms, and 24 operating rooms.


In line with the magnitudes of surface and budget, the facilities of this hospital have high-power equipment consisting of cooling towers, chillers of various types, boilers and air conditioners. It includes the corresponding provision of specific installations such as pneumatic transport of samples, medical gases, laundry equipment and catering areas associated with the hospital.

The interior electrical installation is made up of numerous transformation centers and low-voltage rooms and electric generators, a secure scheme that ensures the electrical supply to essential hospital facilities.

In the design of the hospital, energy saving, and efficiency have been especially considered. In addition to the corresponding passive strategies aimed at reducing energy consumption, many other measures are included. The hospital has a photovoltaic plant, a thermal plant using biomass boilers and generalized LED lighting with automatic control systems. The chillers have energy recovery, and the air conditioners, in addition to recovery, include the possibility of freecooling. Measures of efficiency and reuse of drinking water are also incorporated. All these measures have led to the project obtaining the BREEAM certification.

From a security point of view, the building is equipped with the most demanding fire-fighting measures, including automatic extinguishing, smoke evacuation and pressurization of evacuation routes.

The installation design is complemented with voice and data, audiovisual, patient care, public address and comprehensive building management systems, applying the most current and effective systems.

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Novo hospital de Vigo

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