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The offshore renewable energy sector comprises both wind energy and that contained in the oceans themselves, known as ocean or marine energy. Ocean energy main sources are wave energy, tidal energy, thermal gradient and salinity gradient. Ocean energy is abundant, geographically distributed, renewable, predictable and decoupled from other sources of energy such as wind or solar energy.  According to the Ocean Energy Europe, it is expected that 10% of European energy consumption will possibly be met by these renewable sources by 2050.

The objective of IDOM is to develop wave energy harnessing technologies that help reduce the cost of this promising energy, accelerating its incorporation into the market.

Patxi Etxaniz
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Wave Energy Converter Prototype – MARMOK A-5

The MARMOK-A-5 is a prototype of a low power wave energy converter (WEC). It is a floating device, based on Oscillating Water Column...

OPERA 2020: Open Sea Testing

On July 31, 2019, the Horizon 2020 OPERA project was successfully completed. In this project the prototype of the wave energy converter (WEC)...