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Infrastructure that transforms urban areas

Urban Light Transport systems create important changes in the urban fabric and facilitate development, through sustainable mobility with lower social and environmental costs, reducing and rationalizing the importance of the private vehicle.

IDOM is a leading company in this sector (bus, BRT, LRT/trams, train-tram) and has proven experience with 1,043 km, in 49 cities and 26 countries. We assemble multidisciplinary teams that accompany the client with all the technical know-how necessary for decision making.

We are in permanent contact with universities and technology providers working in urban transport. Threfore, our solutions always offer a technologically cutting-edge and innovative response, adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Iban Mirones
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Tramways in Copenhagen and Odense

IDOM is designing efficient and safe tram / LRT networks in Denmark, a pioneering country in public transport. Both light urban transport systems...

Tram Constantine

Constantine is the third largest city in Algeria and is located in a privileged enclave protected by deep ravines. The city has a...

Metro Riel

In order to improve the quality of the public transport service in Guatemala City and substantially reduce travel times for its citizens, the...