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Archello ranks us as the 10th best firm in the world

The prestigious architectural publication PM has released their ranking of what they consider to be the top 100 firms in the world, in the field of architecture, and we are in the top 10.

As they state in their press release:  “This is a prestigious recognition that underscores the commitment of the selected firms to excellence and innovation in the field of architecture.

This award recognizes the fundamental role architecture plays in shaping the built environment. In today’s world, where issues such as climate change, social inequality, and urbanization demand urgent attention, these firms’ approach to architecture as a solutions-oriented discipline is particularly noteworthy. By embracing innovation and sustainability, they are not only improving people’s lives, but also setting new standards of architectural excellence”.

They add that the selection process for Archello’s “100 Best Firms” is rigorous and multi-faceted, taking into account a variety of criteria, including the size and caliber of recent projects, material innovation, sustainability, and design quality.

You can view the full ranking here.

April 18, 2024


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