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Architecture, music and stands in Madrid Roca Gallery

Our colleague Diego Rodríguez describes the design and construction of the San Mamés stadium.

On March 21, the Roca Gallery in Madrid hosted a new session of the series “Arquitectura Música – Musicxs Arquitectxs”, organized by Roca and Figueras Seating. Under the title: “Grada | Geographies (vol. 1)”, representatives of the studios Cano Lasso, Penelas Architects and IDOM came together to “travel in time and space: from the Olympic stadiums to the Madrid Arena, passing through the “cathedral” of San Mamés and the Juan Carlos I Park/Auditorium”, as Félix Arranz, curator of the professional session, explained; always revolving around the stand.

“The stand is the element that generates the interior space of the stadiums, the space where the collective functions as one, where the public renounces the outside world. In the San Mames project, the stand and the roof have been designed in a careful and coordinated way to allow an optimal view of the game, to create unity and an atmosphere on a par with the cathedral of football”.

The session, which provided space for “dialog, questions, discovery and learning”, was accompanied by a recital by Gonzalo Bruno, architect and musician.


Recently, the series “Trazas Trazos Trozos …de arquitectura” of the publication Scalae, directed by Arranz himself, published a chapter or capsule in which Diego Rodríguez and César Azcárate analyze the project in a video. You can see it here. 

April 16, 2024


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