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Inauguration of the new West Wing of the Ajuda Palace in Lisbon

Housing the Royal Treasury Museum

The inauguration of the new West Wing of the Ajuda Palace, in Lisbon, took place on June 7. The Royal Treasury Museum will be installed in the wing and will open its doors to the public next November.

Despite numerous attempts to complete the works on this wing during the 19th and 20th centuries, it was not until 2016 that the project and the necessary works to finish the west side of the Ajuda National Palace finally commenced. IDOM has been in charge of developing the project for all engineering specialties and providing technical assistance for the work.

This West Wing will be a unique and symbolic space of Portuguese heritage, which will thus see another page of its history written, of great relevance for the cultural offer of Lisbon at an international level.

July 12, 2021


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The project in detail

The building has a glass structure crossed by vertical slats, which in its central core integrates a museum space, with an exhibition area that will be installed inside a 40 meters long safe, 10 meters high and 10 meters wide. It has three floors, with two five-ton steel doors which are 40 centimeters thick, in which more than a thousand pieces of the royal treasure never before exhibited to the public will be on show.

It is here where the future Royal Treasury Museum will be installed, where you can visit the permanent exhibition of a collection of historical, artistic and cultural value in goldsmithing and jewelry from the old Portuguese Royal House.

Antonio Gaspar ( agaspar@idom.com )

Facade. Author: António Jorge Matias