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EU CarEsmatic project


The Port of Barcelona is promoting logistics and shipping of electric vehicles through its participation the EU CarEsmatic Project, an initiative with the aim of increasing the use of Short Sea Shipping (SSS) for the transportation of vehicles between the main Mediterranean ports of Barcelona and Koper. Neptune Lines, the main maritime shipping company for new vehicles in this area, is the third partner of the initiative.

CarEsmatic foresees the adaptation of the maritime services for this type of traffic, by improving existing and implementing new infrastructure in the ports of Barcelona and Koper, to introduce the specific logistics services required for the shipment of electric vehicles. Within the framework of this project, the Port of Barcelona organized an event entitled jornadas Electric Vehicles in Logistics and Transportation.

Carlos Martín Alcalde, a consultant from IDOM in the Logistics and Ports division, was invited to participate in the panel Future Trends of the Electric Vehicle Industry. The presentation he gave entitled Perspectivas de Crecimiento de la Movilidad Eléctrica (Growth perspectives of the electric mobility) can be downloaded here (Spanish).

April 18, 2018

Strategy & Operations

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The global scenario

The world automotive market will soon see a paradigm shift: China will massively export its models to European and American markets, while Europe, historically an exporter, will see an important flow of imports (batteries and vehicles).

IDOM is collaborating with the Strategy and Innovation Department of the Port Authority of Barcelona in the identification of logistic needs, in terms of port terminals and modes of transport, linked to the intermodality of this type of traffic: Short Sea Shipping, rail and land transport.


Vehicle storage (left), Carlos Martín Alcalde (center) and power charger for electric cars (right).