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2,000 MW bi-directional HVDC link between Ethiopia and Kenya, 500 kV DC – 400 kV AC

Ethiopia | Kenya

IDOM has participated in an important electric transmission and distribution project, involving the transfer of bi-directional energy Kenya-Ethiopia while also increasing the security, stability and quality of electricity supply in both countries.

The project is a 2,000 MW HVDC power transmission link between the national electricity systems of Ethiopia and Kenya, through a 1,000 km of high voltage direct current (HVDC) overhead line. The HVDC operates as a bipolar configuration (± 500 kV), although a monopolar operation is allowed.

IDOM has developed the basic and detailed engineering of the facilities located at the ends of the link (Suswa in Kenya and Sodo in Ethiopia), composed of bipolar converter stations (parks of 400/220/33 kV, ± 500 kV), associated valve and transformer buildings, the control buildings, as well as the extension of the existing 220 kV alternating current substations, and the overhead connection lines of 220 kV and 400 kV between the existing substations and the new parks. Likewise, IDOM has developed the detailed engineering of the ground electrodes associated with the converters of both countries, with a vertical configuration of double ring.

The scope of the services provided by IDOM, which has also included the technical specifications of purchases and technical assistance during the construction phase, develops the electrical, mechanical, control, civil, and infrastructure disciplines.


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Basic Engineering
Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Technical Assistance during construction
Technical Assistance during construction
Technical Specifications for Procurement

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