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Abi Bakr bridge

Saudi Arabia

The urban structure in Riyadh follows an orthogonal layout of highspeed roads. Their junctions have to be solved by tunnels and bridges.

Updating the original bridge and changing its image

In this case, the junction between Abi Bakr Road and King Abdullah Road had been solved with a concrete bridge, its appearance being hard and aggressive within the urban surroundings. The client’s request was to intervene austerely but radically changing the image of the bridge, making it a part of the urban landscape. For this purpose, our proposal was based on slightly curved profiles, in keeping with our landscape project for Abi Bakr Avenue, over 12 km long. The girders are left suspended and separate from the structure of the bridge, leaving its original form unchanged. With the simple addition of the aforementioned beams, an image of unity is created, whilst the bridge becomes a changing element, depending on the point of view of the citizen.

Architecture : Building Physics : Design : Lighting : Transport

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Updating the original bridge and giving it a more attractive image

Riyadh Development Authority (RDA)

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management
Landscape Integration Studies
Structures Design
Traffic Study

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