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Access building to restricted area in Cofrentes nuclear power plant


Iberdrola hired IDOM for the execution of the EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) project of a new building in order to access the restricted area in Cofrentes nuclear power plant. Firstly, it was necessary to demolish the former dining room located where the new building would be constructed. IDOM was the construction works manager of the demolition. The new access building has two floors and a total area of 2,600 square meters with a maximum capacity of 1500 people.

The building has an access room to a restricted area used during normal operation which is located on the ground floor and can be utilized by 750 workers. Additionally, the first floor is used during the refueling of the reactor by the workers hired for refueling purposes. This turnkey project required IDOM to deal, amongst other things, with outsourcing the different work packages and also project management. The construction tasks and construction works management were also undertaken by IDOM. Since the building is located next to the reactor building, seismic resistance of the structure had to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, IDOM was responsible for the construction of civil works of the elevator shaft to the turbine building.

Operation & Maintenance

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Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (IBERINCO)


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