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Green H2 – Storage of surplus wind energy


This project developed by IDOM for a wind farm developer allows the use of the surplus energy produced in a wind farm (confidential), through initial storage in the form of Hydrogen and its subsequent transformation into electrical energy, then supplied to the national grid.

The project is being developed in three main phases:

  • Production of H2 by electrolysis from surplus energy from wind turbines.
  • Storage and compression of H2 gas.
  • Conversion of H2 into energy and supply to the electricity grid.

IDOM has carried out the design of the facilities, selection of the suppliers, detailed engineering, and procurement management. Following the adjudication of the main equipment, the project has been ceased by the client.


Operating scheme

Green H2 Energy Storage From WindFarm Schema IDOM


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Confidential - Wind sector

Conceptual Design
Detailed Engineering
Procurement Management

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