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Joaquín Sorolla Station


The new station allows for the high speed rail to reach its destination while the underground rail works are completed: South node, access channel, North station and clearance tunnel.

The modular conception exceeds its constructive function to become a representative image

The roof over the platforms is prolonged and risen to protect the concourse. The result is quite pragmatic: a terminus station with a building at its head. The architecture is legible: folded longitudinal bands, a luminous and ventilated inside that lacks the need for HVAC, a neutral exterior which is lit up at night and two scales: the platform, where the train and the passenger interchange and the foyer, where the traveler and the city come together. The modular idea goes beyond its construction function to become the image of the station: its construction essence is repetitive and systematic. Its structural proposal has personality and character.


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Ministry of development

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Elvira Puchades

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