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Since 1999, the Swedish city of Lund (115,000 inhabitants) has had a strategic plan to phase out the use of private vehicles in favour of sustainable public transport.

The first result of that plan was the creation in 2003 of a bus system (called Lundaläken) that, each day, carries about 7,000 people to the main centres for work and training.

The tramway infrastructure is designed to withstand the low temperatures and weather conditions in Sweden

Currently, the City has decided to build a tram line that connects the historic centre of medieval origin, with the Northeast of the city, where the main educational and research centres, and parks for public use are located.

As a first stage of the tram project, IDOM has conducted the studies of the infrastructure of the 5 km-line including urban insertions, energy supply, OCL, and signalling and communications systems.

Along most of the route, the tram runs along a reserved area – independent from car traffic, bicycles and pedestrians – green areas surrounded by trees, with modern road safety systems and lighting that helps give structure to the city.

Urban Light Transport

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