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Real Betis Balompie’s Training Centre


On a fantastic plot located in Dos Hermanas, the new training centre belonging to Real Betis Balompie, is destined to be an international reference, not only due to its size and functional facilities, but also thanks to the careful layout of its natural and artificial turf pitches and the way in which these are positioned with regards to the buildings. They remind us of the design underlying in our old Greek and Roman cities, generating meet-ing and relation areas, combined with the best facili-ties and the implementation of the latest technology. Another reference with Greek tradition involved FIFA acknowledging Episkyros as the origin of football, its birth having taken place during Ancient Greece times, around 2,000 years BC.

We wanted to link this 4,000 year journey through his-tory with the values that should always be present in the practice of football: fair play, humbleness, respect, team work, improvement, effort, commitment, equality, comprehensive education and generational transmission. Tradition, History, Art and Values: the promoters of this Training Complex of Real Betis Balompie.

A careful planning of the entrance points for vehicles, which are not allowed inside the Complex, a clear dif-ferentiation between the flow of football players and that of relatives and spectators and lastly, the setting of the main building in the Training Centre as an entrance as well as a vantage point that overlooks the entire grounds structure this Master Plan. Other places and strategi-cally placed buildings such as the multipurpose field and sports centre, the Foundation and the Mini-Villamarin Stadium, round off this exemplary Training Centre for the present and the future of Real Betis Balompie.

The first stage of construction will include 8 11-a-side football pitches and 2 7-a-side ones, 2 specific train-ing grounds, sheltered stands and a multidisciplinary building.

In the second phase, the facilities for the professionals will be extended with 3 new playing fields with sheltered stands and a goalkeeper training field, which will add to those built during the first stage. The Real Betis Foundation will have two specially-built playing fields, and the sports offer will be complemented by:

– A multipurpose sports building and a multipurpose field.
– The Mini Villamarin stadium, the official home grounds of Betis Deportivo and Betis Femenino, will have ca-pacity for 8,000 spectators.
– Leisure activities, held in the north area, which has a more noticeable topography


Architecture : Design : Sports & Events

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Destined to be an international reference

Real Betis Balompié

Infrastructure projects
Masterplan and architectural concept

César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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