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SAICA RDI Building


Innovation has always been present in SAICA, it is an important part of its ethos and has characterised its most distinctive moments. At the heart of its activity, ideas are produced for the rest of the departments.

Thus, from the outset, it was considered that the SAICA R&D&I Centre project had to be innovative. This innovation took shape in different areas:


  • Function: through open work schemes, optimal surface/perimeter shape, a central core as an informal meeting and communication space, maximum flexibility and technological equipment.
  • Sustainability: it is a building with near zero emissions, in which passive strategies have been used (maximum thermal insulation, solar protection through cantilevers and horizontal slats) and active strategies (geothermal energy with active heat recovery system, thermo-active structure through TABS systems, inductors for air conditioning reinforcement).
  • Materials: materials with a high percentage of recycled elements, low emissivity and high technology (Halfen thermal break system) have been used.


Architecture : Corporate : Design : Mixed Use

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- 2023 -
Best sustainable building initiative 2023. Gala Aragonesa de la Edificación (Aragonese Building Gala)
- 2022 -
Accesit. Fernando García Mercadal Award 2022
Prize. Architecture Masterprize 2022. Category: Industrial Building

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Eduardo Aragüés ( earagues@idom.com )
José Ángel Ruiz

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