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San Mames Sports Center


The new multisport space incorporated to the San Mamés Stadium is promoted by Bilbao City Council and is very relevant as part of the development of the facilities in the venue. It is the first sports center in the city to count with a 50m swimming pool within its water area. Together with 2 leisure pools, sauna and steam bath, the new facilities have great versatility of use, from high level sports training to learning courses and group activities.

The required program for the Sports Center is solved in the 3 available levels inside the Stadium as follows:
Level -1. Fitness room, with access from the floor below, and with views over the swimming pools area on level -2.
Level -2. Containing most of the functional program, staring with the Reception and Control, and giving access to 2 multipurpose rooms, locker rooms and toilets and access to the fitness room above. The locker rooms for the swimming pool act as a filter to enter the main swimming pool space, holding the 50m length pool, wellness and recreational pools. The 50m pool follows the competition standards set by FINA, both for recreational and competition swimming. It includes a movable wall, allowing a change from 50m competition configuration to a 25+25m configuration for simultaneous use of sports swimming, and learning and group activities. This asks for a variable depth from 180cm at swimming zone to 140cm at the leisure and learning zone.
Level -3. Restricted use for personnel.

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The facilities are characterised by their versatility, ranging from high-level sports training and education courses to group activities.

Bilbao Kirolak S.A.

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César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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