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Strategic and Operational Design Reflection of the Impact of Electric Vehicle Logistics in the Terminals of the Port of Barcelona


The Port of Barcelona called on IDOM to carry out a strategic analysis of the needs that the import and export of electric vehicles will create for the port system. This project included a market analysis with a global vision of the future of electric vehicles in the European Union, identifying the volumes under different development scenarios, main legislative forecasts and perspectives on manufacturing and consumption.

Subsequently, work was carried out with the vehicle terminal operator Autoterminal to recommend a roadmap for investments in technical solutions for the new logistical needs implied by the operation of electric vehicles in its facilities, in accordance with the estimated demand forecast. This will allow the terminal to complete the development of its strategy to position itself as a leading port in this sector in the Mediterranean.

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Ports and Waterborne transport

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The Port of Barcelona is driving the logistics and transport of electric vehicles through the European CarEsmatic Project, an initiative that is committed to the transport of new vehicles using Short Sea Shipping lines

Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona y Autoterminal Barcelona

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