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Many nuclear facilities will be retired from service over the next few decades. These will need to be decommissioned safely and effectively, and the sites made available for new uses, including construction of new nuclear facilities.

IDOM NS provides relevant references in decommissioning and dismantling projects as Owner Engineer from the pre-dismantling activities through the transference of the site upto the site releasing.

Our end clients come from NPPs, Research Reactors and laboratories with the perspective of a safe and risk reduction for plant operators, waste management organizations, and research entities. Our services are tailored to our client needs:

• Owner Engineer providing D&D Plan, Licensing & Documentation, NSF Management Plan, Safety Analysis reports and EIAs.
• Engineering to develop work packages providing conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, systems modification, and auxiliary facilities design.
• Integration of technical solutions including bespoke facilities design and existing system upgrade, design and integration of RAW management solutions.
• Strategic consulting including feasibility studies that provides strategic and policies to newcomers and reporting to international funding organizations and institutions.
• Project Management, EPCM and Construction Management & Site Supervision.
• Process digitalization providing BIM & Digital and robotics solutions design.
• During operation of the plant: preliminary decommissioning plan, cost estimation, feasibility studies, studies to refurbish buildings for storage.
• Transition stage (after shutdown): operational wastes conditioning, Spent Fuel Management, polar crane adjustment, radiological Characterization collaboration.
• Deactivation Plan: System Isolation, Draining and Deenergizing Specific Plans.
• Large components dismantling plan: reduce volume and packaging.
• Radioactive system and dismantling plan: System Dismantling per Buildings.
• Decontamination and demolition plan: sequence for dismantling of buildings.

Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

Technical Design and Update of SAR for Modernization of “SD RAW- Kozloduy” to receive and process decommissioning RAW....

Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant

Engineering Services for Garoña Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning....

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Establishment of an appropriate Programme Management Infrastructure inside the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management....