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First International Congress of Landscape Architects AEP, Spanish Association of Landscapers

Presenting the Markham College Project (Peru)


The city of Granada hosted the first International Landscape Congress of Landscape Architects (AEP) between October 20 and 22, coinciding with the celebration of the Fifth International Landscape Day of the Council of Europe.

Under the title ‘Landscape here and now’, the event had a clear objective: to explore the methodological and instrumental systems and processes that landscaping provides, as an active response to the environmental crisis that severely and irremediably affects a large part of the ecosystems worldwide.

To this end, presentations were organized by specialists in landscape and public space projects, as well as professionals and researchers who participate in the development of instruments and public policies that actively integrate the concept of landscape.

Isabel Alguacil participated on behalf of IDOM presenting the landscaping project developed for Markham College, in Lima.

In addition, ‘Spontaneous Granada: Atlas of Uncertainty’ an experimental and creative workshop was held. This is a meeting and mediation space between landscapers, citizens and landscape, and it was proposed to create a space for conversation and transfer of knowledge with academics, landscapers, students and agents of the public and private sector; a place to reflect on the challenges and issues of the landscaping profession as the 21st century progresses.

The congress was a success, full to capacity and with dozens of sponsors, among them IDOM, as well as exhibitors from all over Spain.


The Spanish Association of Landscaping

The Spanish Association of Landscapers is made up of a group of professionals who work in Landscaping at the service of Society, from the design of new spaces to study and management of spaces of any scale.

Its objectives are:

  1. The dissemination and promotion of landscaping and its values in society.
  2. Obtain recognition of the professional skills of the landscaper
  3. The promotion of the teaching of landscaping, working on its standardization
  4. The representation of its partners and their professional interests before the competent bodies
  5. The defense of the territory, warning of the damage caused to the territory, cultural landscapes, parks and gardens, and reporting infringements committed.

November 3, 2021


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Landscaping at Markham College

The Landscaping Project of Markham College in Lima manages to develop outdoor spaces that complete the educational experience of the British school.

It constitutes a holistic and integrative treatment of the entire architectural complex of the school, integrating activities in the outdoor areas and transforming outdoor activities into new experiences and sensations. It also works as a complement to the learning areas of the Markham center, allowing for lessons to be held in outdoor areas and achieving an education in the sensitivity of the students.