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Istanbul Metro


Istanbul, with more than 14 million inhabitants, attracted over 11 million tourists in 2014. Since 1989, the city has had a Metro System. Three lines are currently being built on the Asian side of the city and four on the European side.

Desiging a new line with a total of 15 stations

IDOM took charge of the design of one of the new lines, with a total of 15 stations. The scope of the work included, among other tasks, the preparation of the study of alternatives, the study of transport and layout, geotechnical research, the feasibility study, architectural and structural design projects, electromechanical projects and tender documents.

The station buildings were grouped into different types of design: completely buried stations, according to different construction methods (cavern, double tube or central well) and with different access configurations, four interconnection stations with other metro lines.

The design of the stations considered the estimated future demand for the peak period of the stations in two scenarios:

  • Normal operation
  • Evacuation situation

IDOM also analyzed the distribution of future demand in the accesses to the stations of the new metro line. This study involved an analysis of the capacity of elevators and escalators and conventional stairs of each of the accesses, which also included an analysis of access times, as well as the study of the interaction of the passenger flows of the metro with the outside, during the morning rush hour, looking to a year ahead.

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