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One of the essential facets in Architecture is the dimensioning of public spaces, in all types of buildings, but especially in those buildings where there is a high traffic of people. These types of projects require a detailed study of the movement and stay of people. IDOM uses specific software, such as Legion Spaceworks, to monitor all these aspects. The results will be used, in first place, for the dimensioning of these spaces, as well as to analyze the effect of the placement of any obstacle, therefore, avoiding the inconvenience generated by barriers in case of reforms or maintenance operations.

Stations. Santiago de Chile underground

The project for the new Line 6 underground station is based on two main ideas linked together: Open Station and Metro Parque. Line...

Istanbul Metro

Istanbul, with more than 14 million inhabitants, attracted over 11 million tourists in 2014. Since 1989, the city has had a Metro System....