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IDOM is involved in the engineering design of different reactor models and nuclear innovative facilities as part of its contribution within the Small Modular & Advance Reactors field.

The necessity of transformation of our current economic paradigm to a greener one is clear at all levels. For this purpose, the energy mix shall include not only power sources based on renewables but also new nuclear technologies. These new technologies will have to include Generation IV characteristics like inherent safety, safe walk-away designs, reprocessing, waste reduction, etc.

Our experience in the nuclear market is not limited to commercial fission plants. For over a decade, IDOM has been actively involved in the development of fusion energy and technology, both at ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and JET (Joint European Torus), as well as in other experimental reactors such as JHR (Jules Horowitz Reactor).

IDOM provides its unique combination of nuclear know-how with a broad past experience in the industrial and mining sectors.

The main services offered are:

  • Nuclear Consultancy assessment related with technology selection according to client objectives.
  • Conceptual Design and Basic Engineering of new nuclear systems, focusing on neutronics, thermohydraulic, layout assessment, fluid dynamics, mechanics, etc.
  • Project Management, Construction Management, Commissioning Support, Project finance, etc.


The IDOM-Alsymex consortium has been awarded a new ITER project contract by Fusion for Energy

July 26, 2022

The IDOM-Alsymex consortium has been awarded a new ITER project contract by Fusion for Energy

  While nuclear fusion seeks to fulfil the promise of a safe, affordable and almost inexhaustible source of energy, it also brings with it formidable...