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Water covers 70% of the planet, 97% of which are seas and oceans. Apart from being excellent transportation routes, our seas can be an important source of renewable energy.

While water reserves and the marine environment present great challenges they also offer great opportunities. IDOM is taking on these challenges, designing cutting-edge, specialized and sustainable technological solutions, creating opportunities for our Clients.

By actively participating in R+D+I, we contribute to reducing costs, increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability in emerging sectors, renewable energy or mature energy such as marine.

Imanol Urkiaga
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Saint-Brieuc Bay offshore wind farm 496 MW, Brittany (France)

The offshore wind farm of Saint-Brieuc Bay with an installed capacity of 496 MW, is the first large-scale wind farm in Brittany, and...

Boavista II: Floating power plant on a non-propelled pontoon – 42 MW

The Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola awarded the Cueto-Soluciones joint venture, the construction of a 42 MW thermal power plant on...


Offshore wind energy

July 2, 2021

Offshore wind energy

In shallow waters, offshore wind farms are built on fixed structures. As the depth increases, it becomes more economical to use floating structures, which is...

IDOM, a new member of ADIMDE

March 30, 2020

IDOM, a new member of ADIMDE

The growing activity of IDOM in both the naval and offshore sectors has been further reinforced becoming a full member of the Basque Country Maritime...

Innovative solutions for high power offshore wind turbines

March 23, 2020

Innovative solutions for high power offshore wind turbines

The objective of the SEAPOWER project is to promote research and the collaborative development of technologies and solutions for offshore wind structures, towers and auxiliary...