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We support our clients in the search of operational excellence in their Supply Chain through knowledge of the best practices in the sector and, also, the use of sophisticated analysis tools that facilitate the successful implementation of the proposals made.

Javier Erice Elejoste
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Transport diagnosis

IDOM has developed a diagnosis study of transport and exwork purchases with the objective of defining and implementing a new integrated transport model...

Food Network Design

Grupo Nutresa, a leading producer of processed foods in the Colombian market, need to implement a tool for the design of networks (ND)...

Optimisation of dairy transport routes

IDOM has developed a methodology for designing optimal routes for milk collection, and, to this end, the milk collection points were diagnosed and...


Developing the Philippine Food Chain Logistics Masterplan 2022-2040

October 4, 2022

Developing the Philippine Food Chain Logistics Masterplan 2022-2040

  IDOM has been selected by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to assist the Government of the Philippines in the development of the Philippine Food...