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Airports, important elements in revitalizing territories, are modifying their purely functional and scarcely differentiating design, becoming buildings of great architectural and structural interest where the passenger experience becomes especially important and an objective in itself, beyond what was previously considered just a space for transit.

The complexity of processes and flows, the safety and operational factors, together with the maintenance and sustainability of a large-scale living structure, are challenges that IDOM addresses from the understanding of each of these factors and the idea that architecture gives them coherence and sense of unity.

Ana Díaz

Cross-border at Tijuana airport

Tijuana International Airport is located 60 metres away from the USA – MEX border. The airport in San Diego, the border city on...

Extension of the Santiago de Chile Airport

IDOM has developed the Architecture and the MEP of the Auxiliary Buildings for the Extension project of the international AMB Airport in Santiago:...


Advanced Air Mobility

Advanced Air Mobility

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