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Sustainable building must be responsible at the environmental, social and economic level, and must contemplate the complete life cycle of the building. The objective quantification of sustainability strategies, from the earliest stages of design, aims to propose sustainable buildings through a coherent, cost-effective and amortizable intervention. Pursuing a triple objective of buildings of energy, water and zero waste, we focus our actions on the phases and processes that have the greatest impact on the consumption of environmental resources, achieving a sustainable design that minimizes the cost of buildings throughout its cycle of life.

IDOM headquarters in Bilbao

The IDOM headquarters are located in a Bonded Warehouse on what was once the Deusto Canal of the port of Bilbao. The building...

Extension of universities in Bambey and Saint Louis

The Government of Senegal, financially assisted by the World Bank, has started an ambitious plan for the exten-sion and improvement of several universities...


Extension of universities in Bambey and Saint Louis


Aga Khan Architecture Award 2019

Finalist - FAD Awards 2019

First prize - COAVN Award 2019. Extraterritorial Architecture Category

Special mention - Spanish International Architecture Award (CSCAE)


Finalist - World Architecture Festival Awards - Category: Higher Education and Research - Completed Buildings

First prize - BEAU Spanish Biennial of Architecture & Urbanism Awards

First prize - LEAF Awards - Best Regenerative Impact Category

First prize - World Architecture News (WAN) Sustainable buildings award

IDOM office Madrid


Finalist - The Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Awards

IDOM headquarters in Bilbao


Finalist – The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards